What We Do

What We Do


What We Do

Through philanthropic efforts, the Finker Frenkel Family Foundation pursues a world free of hardship and suffering they bring to the lives of millions worldwide. We established the foundation to be a family-run labor of love, to pass the torch from generation to generation; each raised to value and honor the commitment to the continuation of this mission. We believe this makes us uniquely equipped to lead the charge toward the realization of that vision.

The Power of Partnership

The Finker Frenkel Family Foundation is a strong proponent of partnership in our efforts to win the fight against neurological disorders. Just as we understand that this may be a fight requiring the dedication of successive generations, we also understand that our efforts are most effective when we join together with others committed to the endeavor. To that end, we welcome the partnership of other like-minded individuals, families, companies and organizations to join us in funding the research, treatment, and eventual eradication of neurological disease. To learn more about how you or your organization can partner with us in our efforts, please click here.

However, we realize that just as important as monetary resources is the active participation of the public. From doctors and scientists to caregivers, from policy makers and legislators to the earnest volunteer, all of us are necessary to raise awareness about these widely varying conditions and seek out effective, long-term solutions. With that in mind, the Foundation seeks to identify and aid organizations that educate our communities and advocate for or actively work with those affected by these disorders, as well as entities that engage in research and the development of viable treatments. Through the making of grants both large and small, we make resources available to initiatives of varied types that show promise in combatting neurological challenges

For more information about our grant-making process, please read Grant Information, How We Make Grants, and Grant Seeking FAQ’s.