Who We Are

Who We Are

Family Foundation

A Personal Responsibility

The Finker Frenkel Family Foundation is a family-run foundation created with the express purpose of continuing to fund world-changing initiatives both at home and abroad. The organization’s founders, Dr. Lazar Finker and his wife Dr. Raissa Frenkel, value the importance of giving back and act upon this core principle every day. Personally touched by the challenges and hardships of neurological illness that affect not only the patient, but  family and friends as well, the Finker Frenkel Family Foundation aims at supporting research as well as providing assistance to families in need.

A Family Commitment

Gandhi said, “All humanity is one undivided and indivisible family.” The Finker Frenkel Family Foundation dreams of aiding humanity: specifically through the research and eventual eradication of the over 600 neurological diseases known to modern medicine. We understand that a change in public understanding and awareness is a key component in this endeavor, and are therefore dedicated to supporting communities through education, culture, and philanthropy. This is a long-term goal, and as such requires the commitment of generations to come. As a family-run foundation, we are uniquely positioned to make that commitment, both to our partners and to our community.

A Foundation of Values

As a Foundation as well as individuals, we value the qualities of integrity and accountability. We promise those who partner with us in our endeavors absolute transparency and tangible goals to help measure our progress. A focus on the needs of our communities will be consistently maintained in order to always ensure that we use the most effective avenues for our resources. The Finker Frenkel Family Foundation will actively seek out worthy causes that promote innovation in research and treatment, as well as those with a passion for the educational empowerment of society.